CANSKATE & Tot Learn to Skate (October to March)

Can Skate and Tot Skate
(Tots age 3-5 & Can Skate age 5-12, teens are invited)
Registration, Schedule & Fees 

On line registration:

Click link>>
You will be directed the ‘Uplifter’ site.
Click>  Registration (tab)
Click> Login or create account
You can type in the ‘quick search’ to find the program you are looking for.
You will use credit card for online registration.
If you are funded, please email to arrange payment.

Contact our Registration Chairperson
with any questions about registration for our skating programs at


ALL participants MUST wear a valid and fitted CSA approved hockey helmet, have own skates, and gloves/mitts. Cage on the helmet is optional.

Can Skaters may wear hockey or figure skates. 


This schedule is subject to change. Some adjustments may be made at any time. Please check this website

EVERY YEAR: Each skater must pay the Skate Canada registration / insurance /safe sport fee.  If you skated Oct-Dec then you do not have to pay the insurance fee again for the January-March set of lessons.

If you skated in Fall Learn to Skate and now are signing up for  Set 1 (Oct-Dec)  or if you skated in one of our programs and now are signing up for Set 2 (Jan-Mar), please email the Registration Chair so that you do not have to pay the Skate Canada membership/insurance fee again.

ONLY THE YEARS TSC HOLDS AN ICE SHOW: Each skater is required to pay the Ice Show fee to help cover the cost of the costume. Skaters will get to keep their costume after the show. All Can Skaters are expected to participate in the Ice Show. This fee is not optional.  Next ice show is planned for March 2024

FUNDRAISING: Can Skaters have to pay the $50 fundraisig fee upfront each set. If you wish to earn your fundraising contribution back, just take part in the club fundraising.

Fundraising plan is to sell Purdys chocolates in Set 1 and to sell Raffle tickets in Set 2.