Competitive Figure Skating

Skate Canada Program:

Competitive Skate

STARSkaters who want to challenge their figure skating skills and show potential as competitive skaters can participate in the competitive program.

What is Competitive Skate?

The CompetitiveSkate Test Program is a testing program for skaters in singles, pairs and dance wishing to compete in qualifying events within Skate Canada. Skaters take a test to enter the Learn to compete or Train to Compete stages of LTAD specific to the discipline (Singles, Pairs and Dance) in which they wish to compete.


It’s more than just skating!

Skaters enrolled in CompetitiveSkate learn a variety of life skills as they progress up the competitive ladder. These include goal setting, focus, ability to deal with success/failure, time management and principles of fair play and sportsmanship. In addition to the life skill benefits, skaters in this program receive:

  • access to provincial and national funding programs (as applicable)
  • the opportunity to be selected to Skate Canada’s National Team
  • the opportunity to compete at Skate Canada Sectionals, Skate Canada Challenge, and/or the Canadian Figure Skating Championships
  • opportunity and potential to be selected to represent Canada internationally
  • access to sport science services

If I Participate in the Competitive Program, is that All I Can Do?

No! Many skaters who compete in the qualifying event structure also take tests in Skate Canada’s STARSkate Program or participate on Synchronized Skating teams. The only events that you may not be able to compete in are club, and events, some which restrict entry of skaters who have competed in the qualifying event system.

The Qualifying Event structure

There are several opportunities throughout the season for skaters to participate in competitive events.

The Skate Canada Competitive Program offers nationally standardized competitions to competitive skaters. These events are the stepping stones to things such as the National Team and the World and Olympic teams. Skaters competing in the qualifying event structure can do so at the Pre-Juvenile (non qualifiying), Juvenile, Pre-Novice, Novice, Junior and Senior levels in Singles, Pairs and Dance.

To find the up to date requirements go to: > Technical > Competitive Singles/Pairs

 Jacqueline Lenuik – TSC’s only Senior competitive skater in history.
TSC has had multiple skaters compete in the competitive stream but none ever reached the Senior level except Jacqueline.