Policies & Procedures, Bylaws, Code of Ethics & Conduct

The Parent, Coach and Board make up the team to ensure Skater success!

CLICK HERE for the Skate Canada BC/YK Social Media Policy adopted by TSC in 2017

CLICK HERE for the updated TSC Bylaws UPDATED April 8th 2018

 CLICK HERE for the updated Skate Canada Code of Ethics UPDATED JANUARY 15th 2019

 CLICK HERE for the updated  Skate Canada Professional Coach Membership Policy & Procedure UPDATED June 19th 2018

 CLICK HERE for the updated TSC Club Code of Conduct UPDATED August 11st 2019

CLICK HERE for the TSC Code of Conduct for Directors/Board Members UPDATED August 11th 2019

TSC Equipment Policy

Terrace Skating Club does not rent out any equipment.
Updated: January 10th 2018

Curtain Rental:
TSC no longer has a black curtain for rent (as of January 2018).
Please contact the Terrace Rotary Club if  you need to rent a black curtain.