Volunteer Parent Schedule

Volunteer Parents

Please arrive 15 mins before your scheduled shift. If you cannot make your shift you are responsible for finding a replacement.


  • Safety of skaters is priority!
  • Check skaters are going into correct dressing rooms (music)
  • Lock dressing rooms (music)
  • Check dressing rooms after skaters leave (music)
  • Stay for off-ice (door or music)
  • Get & Put away harness when asked (music)
  • Play music (music)
  • Assist skaters if the need help (bathroom, masks, skates re-tied) (music or door)
  • Play all dance music on list – skaters DO NOT get to request only COACHES
  • Play 2 artistic/showcase at the START of freeksate – then start playing freeskate programs
  • Each skate gets ONE PIECE OF MUSIC before anyone gets another.
  • Put a check beside the skaters music you played so everyone gets equal music time.
  • Check the sheet to make sure programs are getting alternated (skater at the top of the list should not be first to get their music each day)