TSC Seminar

TSC tries to host at least one figure skating seminar per season.

A seminar is when we bring in a guest coach to work with our figure skaters and coaches. 

TSC coaches often assit with the seminar.

Sometimes we have only TSC figure skaters and other times we open registration up to the northwest clubs.

Special Guest Coaches will work on:

-possible on ice solo evaluations
-on ice spins
-on ice jumps
-on ice stroking & edges
-off ice jumps
-possible on ice theatre

Recent Guest Coaches:

 September 2019: Steve Muff (Jennifer Kuehne, Joanne Bartlett)

March 2019 Patrick Chan & Elizabeth Putnam

September 2018: Steve Muff (Jennifer Kuehne, Joanne Bartlett, Heather Hanna).

September 2017: Steve Muff (Jennifer Kuehne, Heathr Hanna, Jacqueline Lenuik-Judge).

December 2016: Steve Muff of Mt Boucherie Skating Club in Kelowna (Jennifer Kuehne, Kelsey Minchinnick & Jacqeuline Lenuik-Judge of TSC)

September 2016: Kelly-Lynne Champage of Coquitlam Skating Club

December 2015: Kelly-Lynn Champagne of Coquitlam Skating Club

September 2015: Steve Muff of Mt Boucherie Skating Club (in Kelowna)

March 2015: Kelsey Wong of Vancouver – Junior National Champion

September 2014: Kevin Bursay of Sungod Skating Club

March 2019 Seminar Photos

Sept 2018 Seminar Photo

Sept 2017 Seminar Photo

Sept 2016 Photos

Sept 2014 Seminar Photos