Simulation Run Through (Schedule)

A run through is a competition simulation.  Skaters are to be at the arena at least 20 minutes early for run-throughs.  Skaters should be dresses in performance skating attire (dresses for girls / nice skating pants and button up shirt for boys).  All skaters should have their hair done neatly (a bun or braid is great for girls with long hair). 

Skaters are to warm-up off the ice before putting skates on. Some skaters will already be on the ice prior to their run through.
Parents / family members are encouraged to watch & video the skater’s improvement.  

Only TSC members who purchase a figure skating package are entitled to run throughs.

If you cannot attend your run-through you need to let the Director of Skating know in advance.

– check weekly changes may be made –

Oct 16th – 3 min warm up
Teysean Henry STAR 7
Maia Guerriero STAR 7
Brianne Monsen GOLD ARTISTIC
Aaliyah Beeton STAR 9 ARTISTIC

Oct 30th 3 min warm up
Hannah Thomson STAR 5 ARTISTIC
Emily Larmour STAR 5 ARTISTIC
Ethan Kietzmann STAR 5
Ciara Naeth STAR 3
Kara O’Gorman STAR 3

Nov 6th 5 min warm up
Kally Mackenzie STAR 3
Bailey Bartlett JUV
Kayeanna Mackenzie STAR 7 ARTISTIC
Brianne Monsen GOLD

Nov 13th 3 min warm up
Ciara McKay STAR 3
Kate Kharchenko STAR 2
Lara Pillat STAR 2
Ciara McKay SHOW 1
Kate Kharchenko SHOW 1
Lara Pillat SHOW 1

Nov 27th 3 min warm up
Kally Mackenzie STAR 5 ARTISTIC
Maia Guerreiro STAR 9 ARTISTIC
Kara O’Gorman SHOW 2
Emily Larmour STAR 3

Dec 11th 3 min warm up
Aaliyah Beeton STAR 5
Kayeanna Mackenzie STAR 5
Anabelle Ruchotzke STAR 2
Layla Hanes STAR 2
Anabelle Ruchotzke SHOW 1
Layla Hanes SHOW 1

Jan 8th 4 min warm up
Teysean Henry STAR 9 ARTISTIC
Brianne Monsen SHORT
Bailey Bartlett STAR 7
Halle Correria STAR 2
Halle Correia SHOW 1

Jan 22nd 3 min warm up
Ariane Khalil STAR 2
Jaliyah STAR 2
Emily PIllat STAR 2
Jacob STAR 2
Sloan Prevost STAR 2

Jan 29th 3 min warm up
Ariane Khalil SHOW 1
Jaliyah SHOW 1
Emily PIllat SHOW 1
Jacob SHOW 1
Sloan Prevost SHOW 1

Feb 5th 5 min warm up
Ethan Kietzmann STAR 5 ARTISTIC
Bailey Bartlett STAR 5 ARTISTIC
Teysean Henry STAR 6
Maia Guerreiro STAR 6

Feb 19th

Feb 26th

Mar 5TH