Right of Way & Guidelines for Figure Skating Sessions

Right of Way: On Figure Skating Sessions

1. Coaches
2. Skater in a lesson with their  music playing
3. Skater with their music playing
4. Skater in a lesson
5.Skater in a spin
6. Skater in a jump
7. All other skaters


  • All skaters should be neatly and appropriately dressed at  all times.
  • Extend your interest, encouragement, and consideration to  the other skaters.
  • Be alert for other skaters.  Your safety and that of others is your responsibility. 
  • Work enthusiastically and use each session for its designated purpose.
  • Be punctual for your sessions.
  • A skater will not be allowed to skate on a session that has not been paid for by that skater.
  • Sharpening is expensive.  Wear your guards when you are not on the ice.
  • Do not bring food, drinks or gum on the ice.  An exception will be made for plastic water bottles.
  • Do not interrupt your coach when she is giving a lesson.
  • Please keep your dressing room clean at all times.
  • Only the coach may request music.  Skaters or parents may not request music for themselves or others.
  • Skaters are advised that rowdy behavior, undesirable language, defacement or misuse of club property or incivility to members or employees will not be tolerated.