Competitions For
Figure Skaters

Click this link below to be directed to the BC/YK Section webpage with all listed competitions and the announcements (note: Jamboree’s are not listed here):


A Jamboree is a fun event, kind of like a competition. Skaters get put on teams (red, yellow, green, blue) with skaters from their club and from other clubs. Skaters preform and earn point toward their team score. Skaters will get a written evaluation sheet from the volunteer coaches who act as judges. The team score is all that matters in the end and teams will be awarded as a group.

This event is great for first time competitors from Pre-Junior level up.

Jamboree can be added onto another competition but it is also its own event in the northwest.

Go to ‘Calender’ tab to find the dates of this seasons competitions and jamborees.

that TSC usually attends:


(located in the north west)

This competition is geared to Star Skaters.

CNC Regional Championships:

(located in northern BC)

This competition is for Competitive skaters and Star Skaters.

Super Series Final:

(normally located in Kelowna)

This competition is for Star Skaters only.

BC/YK Sectional Championships:

(normally located in metro Vancouver or the Okanagan)

This competition is not for Star Skate events. It is for Competitive Skaters only (Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, Pre-Novice, Novice, Junior, Senior).

There are many other competitions that you can attend. Please see the BC/YK Section competition list and speak to your coach about this.

Did you know……

Figure Skating judges are all volunteers?

Yes, they all volunteer their time to judge competition and evalute test days. Their travel, accomodation and food are paid for but not their time.

They often receive a small gift if the host club can afford it.

These are normally past figure skaters but even with previous knowledge there is a lot of updates, clinics etc that they must attend to stay current.  They put in many hours to see the sport they love carry on.