Ice Show Handbook

Ice Show Handbook

Last updated May 28
th 2014

Parent Volunteer Job Descriptions:                        

Wardrobe Master:

  • To create a costume that is cohesive with the director’s vision
  • To meet with Director to discuss ideas
  • To purchase items for costumes
  • To stay within the set budget
  • Must assemble costume kit and directions if any assembly is required
  • Must make sure the kit is easy to assemble or ready made
  • Deliver costume kit and instructions to the group minimum 6-8 weeks before ice show date
  • Try to include some type of sparkle (sequins, sparkly material etc)
  • Have suggestions of where parents can find a sewer to hire
  • Try to create costumes that have minimal to no sewing
  • Be available at the arena at least two days each during Tot/Can Skate, Pre-Junior/Junior, and Intermediate/Senior. Make sure the dates you will be available are advertised in advance.

Set Designer and Construction:

  • To create and construct props that are cohesive with the director’s vision
  • To design and create the white paper boarder for the arena boards, which must include the show name on each side of the rink
  • To prepare the dark green paper that will cover the windows in the lobby.
  • Must be available to lead work bee(s)

Ticket designer / creator:

  • Design and create show tickets that are cohesive with the director’s show vision.
  • Include TSC logo.
  • Include Show name, date, time, location, when doors open.
  • Must number the tickets.

Ticket sales in advance of show:

  • All skaters will be given tickets to sell.
  • Have one or two businesses selling tickets for you.
  • Have companies purchase sets of tickets for kindergarten students in the community.
  • Must keep track of who has ticket numbers.
  • Must get extra tickets back in advance of show.

Ticket takers / sales at door at show:

  • Will tend front door table where tickets are sold and programs are handed out
  • Must attend volunteer orientation
  • Must be at the arena 1.5 hours early on the day of ice show to start shift and receive instructions
  • One volunteer must tend back door table from 1.5 hours before the show begins.
  • Tend front door table 1.5 hour before the show begins.
  • Must find a volunteer to tend both doors during the ice show.
  • Collect money and door tickets which will be given to the specified chairperson once shift is complete

Fundraising/Sponsorship Rep for Show:

  • Recruit assistant.
  • Sell ads in the show program far in advance of the show.  Ask for chart on donation levels compared to ad size.  Get company logos to program designer.
  • Make sure you have lottery license for selling raffle basket tickets and 50/50 tickets.
  • Sell other items such as cotton candy etc (may have to ask concession if that is ok).
  • Prepare 50/50 draw.
  • Meet 50/50 sellers 1.5 hrs before show to give items and instruction.
  • Meet 50/50 sellers right after intermission to count funds.
  • Bring tickets for draw (in a bucket) and half the money (in an envelope with winning amount written on it) to the announcer booth for the draw (which will take place near the end of the show). 
  • Lock the TSCs half of the money in the TSC office.
  • Collect all non winning tickets, the winning ticket, winners name and TSCs portion of the money. Give to the TSC Fundraising Chairperson.
  • Collect prize donations from companies for raffle baskets.
  • Have all skating club parents donate a $10+ prize with a theme to make theme raffle baskets.
  • Meet Raffle Basket ticket sellers 1.5 hrs before show to give items and instruction.
  • Meet Raffle Basket sellers a bit after intermission. Take each raffle draw (containers should be numbered to match prized and have prize name on the draw container) container to the announcer booth for draws.
  • Be present during the draws at the booth.
  • Have tape ready.  Tape winning ticket to the container so it is easy for the winner to match their ticket.
  • Write down a list of the name of the winning person, the winning ticket number and the prize won.
  • Keep all non-winning tickets, all winning tickets and winner names.  Get this information to the TSC Fundraising Chair.
  • After show, count funds earned (with a second person) by the raffle baskets and get this money to the TSC Fundraising Chair. Give the amount earned in writing to the Ice Show Fundraising Rep.

50/50 ticket sellers at show:

  • Sell 50/50 tickets and collect money before show and during intermission.
  • Must be at arena 1.5 hours before the show begins to receive day of show instructions, tickets to sell and 50/50 bucket from Ice Show Fundraising Rep.
  • Must move around the arena to sell to all spectators. Must be loud and outgoing.
  • Right after intermission meet Ice Show Fundraising Rep and assist her/him with counting the funds. Hand off tickets and money to Ice Show Fundraising Rep.

Ice Captain:

  • You will be in contact with the Ice Show Director (coach who is behind the curtain).
  • You will keep the skaters moving from ice to stands to change rooms as needed.
  • You will let the Runner know which Den Parent to find so the correct group comes to the ice.
  • You will wear a head set in correspondence with director, music room and lighting.
  • You will let others know if the next group is not ready and we have to stall.
  • You will help skaters with quick changes.


  • You will be the Ice Captains assistant.
  • You will find Den Parent and collect skaters that are needed behind the curtain.
  • You will run to the change room to hurry skaters along.
  • You will assist skaters changing in change room.
  • You will assist skaters having quick changes.
  • You will assist with skate guards.

Den Parents:

  • You will have a group designated to you.
  • To sit with specified group before and during the entire show (dress rehearsal and ice show day)
  • Arrive at least  1 hour before show starts
  • Introduce yourself to parents when skaters start to arrive
  • Sit in reserved area or dressing room for group
  • Escort skaters to the bathroom if needed
  • Escort skaters to ice side when indicated by ice captain for group number and show finale
  • Wait ice side for skaters number to finish
  • Help skaters with skate guards
  • Escort skaters back to stands
  • Stay in reserved area until show is complete
  • Stay with skaters until all are picked up by parents
  • Assist with costume changes, hair and makeup if needed

Raffle Basket ticket sellers at show:

  • Sell tickets and collect money before show and during intermission for raffle basket draws.
  • Must be at arena 1.5 hours before the show begins to receive day of show instructions, items needed from Ice Show Fundraising Rep.
  • Must make sure the Ticket Takers who are monitoring the doors will also watch the raffle table (if you want to watch the show) otherwise at least one raffle basket ticket seller must stay in the lobby during the show.
  • Right after the show, meet the Ice Show Fundraising Rep and assist her/him with counting the funds. Hand off tickets and money to Ice Show Fundraising Rep.

Set Up

  • Day of set up, you will be available during the day for about 8 hours (or potion).
  • Help set up arena. White paper along boards, curtain, Christmas lights, coloured lights, extra rented lights, spot lights and hang signs.
  • Help set up the lobby.  Tables for tickets & raffle, hang signs, cover glass wall and doors.

Clean Up

  • Must be available from the end of the show for 2 hours.

What to expect and how to prepare for your child’s ice show:

It is important that as a parent you have read over the handbook so you are prepared for the upcoming fun and preparation.

8-12 weeks before:

  • Read ice show handbook
  • Practice MAY start and likely will be held during your child’s regular skating time, please try your best to attend all practices, normally practices start 3 weeks prior to the show
  • Tot & Can Skate may practice very little as they will have a Program Assistant or Coach lead them through their show number (including at the show)
  • Ice Show meeting will be held to finalize details such as theme and numbers, all parents are encouraged to attend as this will be the only time any details can possibly be changed if there are concerns
  • Volunteer sign-up sheets will be displayed on the bulletin boards for parent to choose a minimum of one job to help with
  • Familiarize yourself with the ice show chairperson and/or director (a coach) and if you have any questions and if you have any questions regarding the ice show

6-10weeks before:

  • You will receive costume instructions. You may be required to do some basic sewing such as cutting, maching straight stitch, and putting in elastics. Some costumes will require sequins which can be hand sewn on. Start assembling costume.
  • You may be required to purchase parts of your costume.
  • Costumes purchased by the TSC MAY stay with TSC after the show.
  • Parents must sign up for volunteer position if not already signed up

3-4 weeks before:

  • Attend any required work bees
  • Costume completed
  • Attend photo date with completed costume and skates
  • Photos need to be taken in advance to include in the program
  • Complete photo order form and pay fee

2 weeks before:

  • Wear full costume to require practice sessions
  • Attend all practices in the last 2 weeks
  • We may hold a ‘No costume show run through’ – run through of the entire show without costumes
  • Dress rehearsal – run through of the entire show with full costumes
  • Please arrive at least 20minutes early for both rehearsals

Dress Rehearsal & Show Times:

  • Arrive 45minutes before the show time.
  • Skater should have first costume on when arriving at the rink.
  • Parents are expected to purchase a ticket for the show unless they are working the show in one of the above listed positions where they will not be able to sit and enjoy the show.
  • Skaters are to go directly to change rooms. Introduce your child to the den parent.
  • Bring a blanket for your skater and put in the seating area where your child’s group will be sitting.
  • Pack a healthy snack and water bottle for your skater that is easy to eat/drink and will not mess up their costume
  • The den parents will help them put their skaters on. For younger skaters, the parents may want to put their skates on once the skater is in the change room. If the skater is not on the ice until the second half of the show, please put on skates during intermission.
  • Kiss, hug and words of encouragement before you leave
  • Find a seat and enjoy the show
  • During intermission you are allowed to go and visit your skater but please refrain from taking them back to your seat
  • Please refrain from collecting your child until the show is over and they have participated in the ice show finale (where all skaters take the ice)
  • When the show is over collect your child and their belongings – tell them how AWESOME they are!

Even if you did not volunteer to clean up, it is nice to have a few extra hands to take all of the lights and curtain down.  Please plan to stay for about 20 minutes to help clean up.

We thank everyone for their volunteer time.  Please take even a small job on and this will alleviate other who have taken on large jobs.

See you on the ice!

The following photos were taken from the 2006 Ice Show ‘A Trip Around the World’.