About Us

Skate Canada has the largest club and individual membership in the world.  All skaters skating with Skate Canada affiliated clubs are required to pay the registration/ insurance / safe sport fee of around $40.00 and will receive a Skate Canada membership number. 

This number will follow the skater throughout their skating career. 

This number allows you to buy-on at other Skate Canada clubs.  (This means you can stop in at any club across Canada and pay their fee of about $10 to $20 per hour to skater on their session).

All Skate Canada tests will be filed under your Skate Canada number.

If your skater decides to become a certified coach later in their life, this Skate Canada number continues to follow them.  

 Skate Canada’s national office is located in Ottawa, Canada. Check out their website at http://skatecanada.ca

Skating in Canada is broken into 10 sections offices one for each province. The Northwest Territories & Nunavut is governed by the Alberta Section and the Yukon is governed by the BC section. 

Our section, the BC/YK Section is divided into five regions. 

BC Coast – Cariboo North Central – Kootenay – Okanagan – Vancouver Island

You can check out the BC/YK Section website at: http://skatinginbc.com

Our region is called CNCR or Cariboo North Central Region.  This area covers north to Stewart, west to Prince Rupert, east to Dawson Creek and south to 100 Mile House. You can check out the Region website at http://skatecncr.comw